Small Student 1 Bedroom Apartments Under 500

Small Student 1 Bedroom Apartments Under 500

One Bedroom Apartment under 500 can be a great choice for some reason. Some people choose this kind of apartment because they do not want to spend too much money on a living place. However, some other people think that it is not about money but it is more about lifestyle.

Their busy modern lifestyle will not make them spend too much time at home so they prefer to keep their home practical. When people are looking for a one-bedroom apartment with a budget under 500, they often consider a studio apartment. Considering these things will help them make the right choice.

Vertical Space

It is correct that people will not have a large floor space when they are looking for a small apartment. Nevertheless, there is still an opportunity to get the most benefits that can be offered by a small apartment. They just need to make sure that they always think up when choosing the apartment.

Although they only have limited horizontal space of the apartment, an apartment with plenty of vertical space will give a great advantage. It can make space look larger. At the same time, it will also mean that there are plenty of spaces which can be used for hanging things. The advantage of the vertical space can be used for installing shelves or mounting things.

Ample Storage

A budget-friendly apartment might be small in size so some people think that they can give up on the storage space. They must not give up on the storage space of the apartment after all. It is necessary to make sure that there are ample spaces that can be used for storing things in the One Bedroom Apartment under 500.

If they are not able to store things properly, space can look cluttered easily. As a result, the apartment will look much smaller than it used to. People can try to look for the apartment which comes with a storage unit for residents which can be found often in the parking garage or basement.

Natural Light Source

There is a simple yet useful concept for making space look larger. People just need to make sure that the room is bright. That is why when people are choosing a small apartment; they must not forget to consider the natural light access to the room. It does not matter that the apartment is small as long as it has plenty of windows.

The windows which are facing east or west will make sure that the room will be showered with a good amount of light during the day time. For enhancing the light benefits for enhancing the room, people should choose the sheer curtains or hang a mirror in their small apartment.

Appliances with Full Size

Some landlords will offer the apartment with mini-sized appliances for saving the space in the apartment. However, it will not be a good choice. The living space can be reduced but we still need to make sure that it comes with appliances with full size. Even people who are looking for One Bedroom Apartment under 500 need a normal life with normal size appliances.

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