korean look style Balloon Curtains for Living Room

korean look style Balloon Curtains for Living Room

Use ballon curtains living room ideas below can dresses up your window with the elegance from classic styles that never goes out. The balloon curtains are a type of curtains that scalloped in the bottom edges when raised to let the light into the room. The balloon curtains in the window are designed to mount in the outside from the window casing and easy to adjust when you need privacy.

How to hang balloon curtains 

When balloon curtains hanged, you need to adjust to give the ballooning effect in edges fullness to create the desired look. Here is how you hang the balloon curtains in the right direction. First is face down the balloon curtain in the flat surface so the row from the rings in the back will face up.

Insert one split plastic rings in each rings to the curtain bottom. Grasp one split ring from the bottom row curtain and then insert it at the ring in the row above. Continue to insert the split rings in the rings in beyond of row.

Move the rings up from one row at the time of the same manner till the balloon curtain has the correct length as you desired. Hold the curtain rob bracket on the wall beside or beyond of the window casement in the desired position. Insert curtain brackets with screws and put them into the wall.

Mount the remains wall bracket in the opposite window and ensure the brackets has the same level. Push one edge of the curtain rod from the rod pocket at the top of the upside curtain. Hold the edge of the rod curtain in the upside of the bracket wall and secure the rod by a slide down it.

Center the curtain in the rod by move it. Fluff varies section from the curtain using a hand by pushing the fabric out from the curtain backside. Continue to fluffing and adjusting till you get the shape you want.

Design ideas of balloon curtains 

There are beautiful designs of balloon curtains that you can apply for the living room. The lace tie-up balloon curtain is the most popular balloon curtain styles. It has a decorative pattern and suitable to meet with every design of the living room. The other idea is classic balloon curtain ideas with ruffle fringe in the bottom. Do you want the living room that airy and light? The shabby chic flower pattern with a ruffle balloon in the bottom is nice to set.

If you want the simple design, the natural linen curtain available with the tie-up for French and farmhouse style. The blue country style pulls up a balloon curtain with the embroidered edge is the other balloon curtain ideas to attach. For you who love the glamour look from the balloon curtain, you can choose this faux silk double ruffle balloon curtain.

You also can choose the ruched Austrian balloon window panel valance. It is glorious with the ruched style that up to the level. There are many beautiful balloon curtains living room ideas that you can apply to meet with the living design.

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