Advantages Elephant Statues Facing door

Advantages Elephant Statues Facing door

As we all well aware that there are a lot of different kinds of outdoor decors that you can use to intensify the look of your space. However, when it comes to beauty, magnificence, and power where everything mixed to the one, a guardian lion statue is the one and only option.

Humans have made these lion statues since ages ago. Lion symbolize strength, bravery, and viciousness. Moreover, lion statues also depict the monarchy and the utmost wealth. Thus, it is no wonder that we find the depiction of this creature is so fascinating. Hence, here we will discuss the benefits of a lion statue on the front porch. Without further due, here are the benefits:

The ideal classic protector 

Long ago, in the past, you have to be a wealthy person in order to afford this kind of guardian lion statue. They commonly carved from stone or cast from metal and they will not be painted. Moreover, they portrayed a fabulously intense male lion with full sinuous manes and rippling muscles.

Commonly this stately terrifying beast is placed on both sides of the entranceways or on the front porch of mansions or manors. They stand tall as a guard of the house, where they have a powerful impact on anyone who saw or passed them.

With all that being said, we can conclude that the benefits of a lion statue in the front porch is as a guardian or protector of the house. Fortunately, today you don’t have to be wealthy to be able to enjoy the benefits of this guardian lion statue. The majority of the statues are created in the same style as you would see in European or English residences in the past.

Chinese Guardian Lion 

Another style of this guardian lion statue is the Chinese guardian statue. Commonly, they are also called the Chinese Fu Dog statue or plainly lion dog statue. They were initially used for guarding the ancient palaces and temples. Typically, they also used in pairs, which consist of male and female lion statues. However, they are also usually placed on the front porch of the house to indicate the wealth of the family.

Basically, they are originated from China, but they can be found in a whole lot of Asian countries. Different from European lion statues where they are more realistic, the lion Chinese lion statues are far more artistic regarding their portrayal.

Another difference among them is that Chinese lion statues come in pair, although they both have manes, they represent male and female. The male here symbolized yang and the female yin. Commonly, the female is designed to have a cub under its left paw and the male has a ball under his right paw. This placement is a portrayal of the cycle of life.

Additionally, according to Chinese beliefs, the benefits of the lion statue on the front porch are different between the male and the female. The female is believed that is protecting or guarding those who are living in the building, meanwhile, the male is believed to protect or guard the building itself. Not only for protection purposes but those lion statues also beneficial to add the aesthetical value for your home or building.

The benefit of Placing Elephant Statues Facing Door

Elephant statues facing the door will bring protection and strength to the house. This is the credence from Feng Shui which says that elephant statue gives many blessings. The elephant itself has a symbol of power, wisdom, solidity, and strength. It is why elephant statues are popular recently. If the homeowner places the elephant statue in the face of the door, it will bring good luck to the house and protect from bad fortunes.

Some people believe that elephants with their trunks represent certain meanings. For example, if the trunk is up, it will convey a good fortune to everyone who walks or passes it. It can be said that the elephant should be up for good luck. While the elephant with the trunk down carries the opposite meaning that is very unlucky for the homeowners. These are the different perceptions of some people, you may believe it or just ignore it. There are many kinds of elephant statues with the specific meaning of it which can be placed in your facing door.

An elephant statue is considered as a guardian or protector of the household. It will help the homeowner to keep the power and maintain in the inside house. A statue of two elephants is said will help bring a good friendship and a good relationship. It also will promote the love and truthfulness of two people. A statue of a mother elephant and her baby has a meaning of love and strong affection between a mother and her children.

The elephant statues have made from a certain material like a crystal that can be used to balance the elements of the object. The colors are also variants, such as gold, white, black, and many more. A white elephant statue is considered sacred because it is not easy to find this elephant statue. As the price is also extremely expensive to keep it as a special statue. A white elephant statue brings a meaning of financial ruin.

The important thing for placing the elephant statues in your home is to always have the elephant statues in your facing door. Because good fortune will go to your room and your life. Having an elephant statue is going to be a good idea for your household. It is because elephant statues are less expensive than you have the real one. The spot to place the elephant statues is depending on your desire. You should make sure that you place the statues in the right positioning so that it will keep your household from bad energies or calamitous. That’s it about Statues Facing Door, Please Share 🙂

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