Kitchen 3 Bedroom Bungalow Floor Plans Open Concept

Kitchen 3 Bedroom Bungalow Floor Plans Open Concept

Along with the development of a variety of forms, decorations, and styles in the world of architecture, so also drove a variety of bungalow models that appear later. The form of a one-story house is generally leased in a tourist or rural location, with a simple style, simple, simple, has a dimension that is quite wide, and aesthetic. In addition, generally, this model house also has an outdoor garage and a stretch of the green garden that can be used as a medium for relaxation of visitors. With reference to the characteristics of a bungalow building, this time I will discuss the forms of bungalows with 3 bedroom bungalow floor plans, so that in this discussion you can immediately see the preferred bungalow model if you are planning to make it on a plot land that you own.

Classic Style Bungalow

Sometimes some people want to go back to the past. If so, you don’t have to go crazy imagining it so you can go back to the past. Through the classic style bungalows, these desires can at least be fulfilled. As with the classic shape plus 3 bedroom bungalow floor plans, it is designed as simple as a typical triangular roof truss. In addition, another feature of the classic-style bungalow is the chimney in the roof area, as a medium for the smoke channel when the fireplace in the house is being used to warm the room.

When viewed in detail, this model bungalow has a minimum area of about 151 square meters. With an elongated concept, the bungalow is complete with a variety of privacy spaces, including three bedrooms and a public room that fills them up. In addition, the green expanse of the surrounding area is also one of the special attractions to anyone who stays in the residence. The shadow of the past will slowly come and carry yourself.

Minimalist Style Bungalow

Minimalist bungalows measuring 70-80 square meters, have rectangular land parcels. In terms of material, this minimalist concept bungalow looks very shady with a combination of white and gray. Unlike the concept of the other bungalows, the garage in Bunglow is placed outdoors, so that the entire building can be focused on the needs of indoor space. This bungalow model has a living room, dining room, kitchen, meeting room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms that are designed with different concepts.

Modern Style Bungalow

Modern style bungalows are the work of Vesco Construction design houses. With strong modern elements, these bungalows look sturdy with the dominance of natural rock and concrete materials. Coupled with the combination of natural materials and white patterns, also seemed to strengthen the impression and comfort characteristics in the bungalow.

For your leisure needs, residents can enjoy the green area of ornamental plants that spread wide around the bungalows, trees and grass which are very reconciling. When viewed from the floor plan, especially the 3 bedroom bungalow floor plans, this bungalow is at least 188 square meters in size and has plenty of space, starting from the family room, living room, three bathrooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room, and a spacious garage with minimum of two cars.

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Kitchen 3 Bedroom Bungalow Floor Plans Open Concept Pictures

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