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Best Door For Large Closet Opening

closet door ideas for large opening  | Storage space in the home is commonly adored by the homeowner especially the closet. However, we do not necessarily want our things to be out in the open, for everyone to see. Thus, closet doors are important, but they often forgot when it comes to home decor. Furthermore, you don’t have to make your closet door become a boring spotlight in your room. Hence, here are some of the closet door ideas for large opening that you could use as your reference to liven up your storage space.

Closet French doors

The first option that you must be considered is the closet French door. Furthermore, these closet door ideas are timeless and never go out of style. This closet door style also gives you a large space for you to see through your closet because the doors are open outward onto the room. To frame it further, you could add molding to it, or you could even paint it in shiny white color to add the effect of elegance and timelessness.

Modern glass doors 

The second recommended closet door idea for a large opening for you is modern glass doors. This kind of closet doors idea will match perfectly for a room with a contemporary look. Frosted glass sliding door is one of the most fashionable choices for homeowners who want to hide away their storage but they also want to give a new look to their room. Furthermore, you could also use layered glass which can be framed as a conventional door with wood.

However, if you are worried about damage to the glass of your closet doors, you could choose the acrylic selection that has similar look with the glass closet doors but they come in abundant styles. Thus you could whichever style that will match your needs.

Mirror doors 

Mirror doors closet are never go out of style and also never go wrong. By adopting this closet door style, you could see your entire outfit when your mirror could not afford it for you. Furthermore, this closet door style could add some light to your room, and it also could add some aesthetical value to your bedroom decor. Moreover, these mirror doors could generate mirrors to the woodwork of the door which is fashionable and could add the right amount of light to your bedroom.

Alternative To Closet Door Ideas

Pop of color 

The next closet door ideas for large opening that would be best for you is pop of color kind of closets. If you have a hidden desire to paint your bedroom with such a bright color, but you hesitate to paint your bedroom with that color, you could channel it by painting your closet doors. You could paint your closet doors with any bright colour that you want. For those who have a contemporary room with the white and black dominating it, it will be perfect to be matched with bold colours such as red, orange, yellow and purple. If you have a neutral room, the pastel colour will work perfectly. If you are a person with a great creative side, you should try to integrate a horizontal stripe to really give your closet doors a very unique and exclusive looks.

Best Closet Door ideas for Large Opening | Decorating Pictures

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