Convert Attic to Loft: The Beginner’s Guide Turn Attic into a Loft

Saturday, November 30th, 2019 - Fresh Design

Can I convert the attic to the loft? Well, the answer is yes, you can. However, there are several things you need to know in the first place before starting the project. Of course, later, you will deal with the costs, insulation, rules, and other options.

Before you start your project to convert attic to loft, you need to consider many things in the first place. It includes but is not limited to assessing the existing structure, planning a staircase, ventilation, and so on. On the other hand, you also need to consider the rules, regulations, and permissions before starting.

The cost

The first thing we will discuss is the cost of the attic conversion. A few factors that may affect the cost include its existing roof structure and pitch and other specs.

Generally, it starts from $16,500. The price is the cheapest yet most straightforward, so you may expect to pay an additional cost if you want something more advanced.

If you want to convert your attic into a dormer loft so the floorspace would be more helpful, you can pay for another $22,000 at least.

Meanwhile, if you need to change the roof structure, you need to pay another $42,000. When the work gets more complicated, you need to hire a designer or professional so planning permission can be made properly.

Adding a staircase

You can add a staircase for the conversion. The ideal place would be in line with the roof ridge. By doing that, you will make a more accessible yet more available height to use above the staircase.

Generally, you can only add as many as 16 steps for the staircase, while it only requires 13 degrees in most cases. To arrange this kind of stuff, you need to hire a professional as well. All you can do is make a plan while the execution should be involving a professional in the first place.

Natural light

All rooms need the presence of natural lights. At some point, natural lights help the human body to acknowledge the biological hour. When converting an attic into a loft, you need to do some things to bring in natural light.

Roof lights are the most straightforward option you can try. However, you need to remove the battens and tiles. This method does not require planning permission yet pretty economical choice compared to other probabilities.

Dormer windows are another way you can try to bring in the natural light. It will also add space you can use in the loft. When the angle is high, this option is pretty compelling, while the floor area can be used for another thing as well.

This method requires you to open up a roof in the first place. Some timbers also need to be chopped to fit the site. There are quick weatherproofing and quick installation options available. Just make sure you use the professionals to do this task. And These are a few things you need to know before you convert attic to loft.

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