Cool Black Hardware and White Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 - Fresh Design

White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware

Black and white theme is popular because it is easy to apply. This theme also looks cool and eye-catching for a particular room including your kitchen. One of the applications is by using a white kitchen cabinet with black hardware. Let’s take a look at the cool black and white kitchen idea below that might you can apply in your beloved kitchen.

Classic Style

You may use a white cabinet along with black pulls. It is better not to choose a complicated design. A white kitchen cabinet with a simple knob design is a perfect option. This combination creates a cool and warm classic ambiance so you can cook there comfortably. The kitchen will be perfect with a variety of ceramic accessories or kitchen utensils.

Contemporary Concept

It is also possible to use a white kitchen cabinet with black hardware to create a contemporary kitchen theme. Besides installing the cabinet, you can also think about natural materials for the rest of the furniture. For example, you can choose a white cabinet along with a wooden kitchen table.

It will be interesting and attractive if you also add bar chairs in the kitchen. At the top, you may install a black fan on the ceiling. A wooden floor is also perfect to keep the kitchen warm. Consider the lighting and it is good if you create more windows so the sunlight can pass through the kitchen. What a great area for cooking, isn’t it?


Having a natural kitchen looks great. You can cook a variety of healthy meals with an outstanding atmosphere. You may do several simple tricks to have a natural kitchen. Place some white kitchen cabinets with black pulls. Then, you can choose some black items which look like stone. For example, you can use a ceramic or granite kitchen sink. The black color looks natural and boosts the cozy ambiance. For the floor, applying a wooden tile or floor is a good option. It looks simple but attracting and natural enough in your kitchen. That’s it! You have a beautiful natural kitchen and you are ready to cook healthy meals there!.

Industrial Concept

Seeing an industrial kitchen is cool because it seems you are working in a professional kitchen. Just make your dream come true by creating your industrial kitchen at home. You can still apply white kitchen cabinets. Next, combine it with a variety of materials such as stainless steel stove and oven, black wall mounted cabinet, wooden table, and brick wall. Installing a wall-mounted lamp is also cool to make your kitchen looks extraordinary. Bronze kitchen utensils will make your industrial kitchen looks stunning.

White Cabinets And Black Hardware Pictures

So, if you think that the black and white theme is limited, you are wrong. The white kitchen cabinet with black hardware and a little bit of touch of another material can create a stunning kitchen. Even, you can create a variety of kitchen themes by using those colors and materials. The key is the way you mix and match the colors and materials to get the best kitchen model. The most important thing, the model can be used for a small, medium, large kitchen.

Cool Black Hardware and White Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Pictures

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