Honey Comb Design Using Painters Tape

Honey Comb Design Using Painters Tape

Do you know that you can make the creative designs using painters tape for your home improvement? It is simple and affordable. With painter tape, you can create a custom design of those unique and personal styles that match your taste. Forget the ordinary lines vertical and horizontal go creatively with patterns and designs when you use painter tape for your wall.

Which painter tape you need to use?

Painter tape is an essential tool to achieve perfect lines, sharp and also protect trim or baseboard from the paint bleeding and paint splatter from the roll paint wall. There are various tape colors and sizes that can be overwhelming when choosing the right product. Use the right product will reduce double work because of paint bleed and residue from the tape that can be sticky.

How to paint your wall with painter tape

First, choose the paints colors and patterns that you will apply to the wall. If you are a beginner, choose the easy pattern. Choose two interior colors wall paint as the base coat paint and the other as an accent color. You also able to use different sheen from the same color, for example, use the flat and glossy look. Tips to choose the pattern: create stripes patterns that will give the effect of taller look to the wall, chevron patterns to create wainscoting or accent with a mirror to create trellis pattern.

Before you applying the pattern to the wall, practice to apply first on the poster board before you paint it into the wall. Use the painter tape to create a shape from the pattern. Mark the lines use height or laser level. Press the tape and then burnish with 5 in 1 painters tool. Next is applying the accent color over from the tape and remove it as soon as possible to prevent the new paint from tearing. Use the painter tape to paint the custom pattern for matched with furniture and accessories.

A custom painter tape wall 

The painter tape can transform your wall into the new, eye-catchy and attractive feature wall. The first idea is the geometric wall art that perfect for the modern wall. You can choose the geometric shape as hexagon and chevron or the scrambled geometric modern design to the wall. Such as this triangle geometric wall, it is simple and easy to make. Just ensure when you create the stripe lines, you use the same level in the lines.

You can apply the lines into the entire wall or use it in part on the wall. There are many creative ways you can apply to the wall, for example, create the ombre wall [paint while you create the pattern with painter tape. It gives you the combination color shade and the faded one gives the attractive look in the wall. Have an image on boxes and want to add the shape to the wall? Create different boxes in length and wide and then create a pattern by combine and mix the boxes in the wall. Paint the boxes with different color combinations. The color combination from the white base coat and combination from the accent color of blue, a little black and wood chocolate color is perfect to use in a room that furnished with wooden furniture

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