Sturdy and Beautiful Front Porch with Columns Design

Thursday, November 7th, 2019 - Fresh Design

Front Porches With Columns 2018 Trend

The Concept for Making a Front Porch with Column Design That Is Sturdy and Beautiful. Do you know what column is? If you have or see a house design with poles or pillars that stand from the ground to the roof, that’s called a column. The column is not just a matter of aesthetics (beautifying the house), but the main issue is the durability of building construction.

The column can be built anywhere, inside or outside the house. However, in planning the construction of houses, usually, columns are made outside the home, especially on the porch. Here are some concepts of the front porch with column design that you need to know and you can apply in your home.

The function of columns

The column is very important in the world of architecture and building engineering. The column is an important structural element that balances the structure of buildings at the top of the column (roof/ceiling) and bottom of the column (ground). This balancing process uses a concept called building compression. The compression of the building is what makes a house look sturdy. So, the column is not just an aesthetic aspect of the building.

An example is the column application on the front porch. Of course, you want a comfortable and shady veranda design. Therefore, usually on the porch will be installed ceilings with a broad and long roof, so that the porch area has a shady atmosphere.

However, this makes the roof of the veranda riskier because there is no buffer between the ground and the ceiling. This is different from the area inside the house that has many walls, in addition to being a divider, also as a pillar. Therefore, a column is needed on the porch of a house that has a ceiling.

Design of the columns

You have many choices in making front porch with column design. Regarding the material used, the column can be made with various materials. Primarily used today there are 3 materials, namely stone, wood, and fiberglass. All materials have their respective advantages. The column made of stone is a material that has been used from ancient times. The advantage, of course, very sturdy and durable. However, using stones will be difficult if you want to use certain designs or carvings.

The column that uses wood is also increasingly in demand. If you use wood, you can easily request certain designs. However, the use of this wood will be the most expensive option. If using wood, use poplar, yellow pine, spruce, birch, maple, oak, fir, mahogany, cedar, redwood, or cypress. Another option is to use fiberglass material. Fiberglass is more affordable than other materials, but its sturdiness is not as good as that of stone and wood.

Arched Front Porch With Columns 2018 Trend

Decorate the columns

Even though the front porch with column design also has an aesthetic function, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the column more beautiful. The column becomes more aesthetic after being given various touches from you so that it looks more attractive. What you can do to make your columns look beautiful is to paint it. Choose paint colors with bright and clean tones, like white or beige.

The selection of 2 colors will also show more robustness of your column. However, before painting, make sure your column is free from dirt or dust. To beautify, you can put potted plants in your column. You can put the plant pots near the foot of the column, attached to the column (using a holder), or hung on the roof close to the column.

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