Hanging Shelves From Ceiling With Cable

Hanging Shelves From Ceiling With Cable

Hanging shelves from the ceiling are one of the many ways you can do when your home has high ceilings. There are many benefits of having high ceilings in your home especially if you live in a tropical climate when you need the breeze of the wind gets inside. However, some people find it a bit overwhelming when it comes to decorating the rooms.

In this article, we will show you some tips on decorating rooms with high ceilings. As we have mentioned earlier, hanging shelves from the ceiling would be one of the many ways you can try. Other than that, we will show you some other ways you may consider to decorate the room.

Hang the wall art up high

You will need the presence of wall art. It can be paintings, family photos, and so on. When you decorate a room with a high ceiling, you will need to measure the proper height as well. You do not want the wall to look empty and unoccupied.

In this case, you can hang the wall art up high or, in other words, you turn the wall into a gallery. Make sure the items tie in with the entire room while the high position will draw the eye upwards right when your guest steps foot in the room.

Window treatments

A similar rule can also be adopted for window treatments. If you hang the draperies from the ceiling, it will create a luxurious feeling in the room. On the contrary, if you put the draperies lower, it makes a cold yet isolated vibe in the upper area.

Of course, you need to prepare more fabric materials. However, it makes a nice yet dramatic effect in the room. We highly encourage you to use solid color considering patterned fabrics would make it a bit overwhelming for the height.

Statement light fixture

You need to make a statement in every room. The light fixture is one of the most powerful ways to draw the statement. For a room with a high ceiling, you can hang a light fixture in the spot.

The hanging lamp will connect the upper and lower room nicely. Hanging the lamp right over the coffee table is a smart way after all. The ideal lighting fixture would be a large one but make sure the scale does not create a heavy impression. Yet, you should make sure that it matches the whole theme of the room in the first place.

Be creative with shelving

More than anything, shelving is a smart way to decorate a room and make it functional at the same time. Since your room has a tall ceiling, you have many options related to how the shelving would look like.

Some people will immediately choose a tall bookcase. However, if the room is quite tall, you may need something more than that. For example, you can turn one side of the wall for a book shelving. Hanging shelves from the ceiling would be another smart move to make the bookcase floats.

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