Making 3 Bedrooms House Plans – Pay Attentions For this one

Thursday, November 7th, 2019 - House Plans

3 Bedroom House Plans And Designs

Tips for Making 3 Bedrooms House Plans – Owning your own home is everyone’s dream. Especially if you can make the house from 0 or the origin is only a piece of land turned into a dream home building.

Building your own home will give you the freedom to determine the design of the house, building style, even the number of rooms. One important aspect of building a house is the bedroom.

According to many interior designers and architects, the ideal number of bedrooms is 3 rooms. If you want to make 3 bedrooms in your home, here are some tips for 3 bedrooms house plans for you.

Pay attention to the area of your house

To build a house with 3 bedrooms, things you should consider is the area of your house. Building 3 bedrooms of adequate size require a fairly large area of land. However, you do not need to worry because it will not burden you. If you want to make 3 bedrooms, a minimum land area of 115 sq. m is considered sufficient to develop the concept.

A minimum land area of 115 sq. m is sufficient to build a one-story house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plus a living room, kitchen, dining room, and shaded front porch.

If you want to make the house look spacious with a land area of 115 sq. m or maybe your land area is less than that number, then another option is to make your house have 2-story. With the option of a 2-story house, besides making the house look more spacious, it can also add space for 3 bedrooms.

The position of bedrooms

In 3 bedrooms house plans, placement of bedrooms must also be considered. Once you know what kind of house you want to build on the land, the next is the process of making a house plan. In the 3 bedroom scheme, there is one bedroom that becomes the master bedroom.

This master bedroom is the bedroom occupied by the owner of the house. The master bedroom should be positioned close to the living room. This is important to facilitate you in welcoming guests who will come. Also, the size of the master bedroom is usually slightly larger than the other 2 bedrooms.

If you use the option of a 2-story house, then position the master bedroom on the first floor, and stay close to the living room area. Access of homeowners with living rooms must be easily accessible.

Then, what about the other 2 rooms? You can place the other 2 bedrooms in the back area of the house. At least do not make the master bedroom and other bedrooms directly adjacent. If your house has 2-storey, you can place another 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor of your house.

Simple Three Bedroom House Architectural Designs

Function 3 bedrooms in the house

Making your home has 3 bedrooms (and makes the ideal number of bedrooms) is due to several reasons. First, if you are going to have a family later, or already have a family, your child already has a separate room to be occupied (if he is old enough). However, you should know that this 3 bedrooms house plans are suitable if you have a maximum of 2 children (ideal number of children). If more than two, then you must build a new room. Second, as an additional bedroom if there are guests, especially families, who visit you. As part of a family, of course, you will not let your family stay in the hotel just for the reason that the bedroom is insufficient. This is considered quite embarrassing and impolite.

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