40X60 House Plans Complete with Garage Concept

40X60 House Plans Complete with Garage Concept

Minimalist house plans have been sought after and coveted by many people both abroad and in the country, especially for new families who do not have many family members.

No need to be surprised, now more and more people are looking for examples of minimalist house plans, especially 40X60 house plans with garage, to be used as information or guidance. The need for minimalist homes in various cities can not be separated from the need for a garage as an important part of the house.

For homeowners who have a vehicle, the existence of a garage will certainly provide a sense of security and comfort in maximizing the benefits of vehicles such as cars to support their daily activities, because they no longer need to park their vehicles in public parking lots or roadside.

On that basis, the presence of the garage becomes one of the elements that must be present in every dwelling, even though the house with minimalist size. However, what is an example of a futuristic minimalist 40X60 house plans with garage, still displaying a modern and luxurious impression.

Two bedrooms

If you have land with a size that is not too broad, a floor plan with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, lavatory, and two parks in the back and front area (next to the garage) can be an option. Not too much space, but still equipped with several important and vital areas.

Lack of area that is not too broad as in this floor plan is the garage must trim the land so that the building area becomes narrower. Two parks in this floor plan are optional options, one of which can be converted into additional space as needed.

With Lots of Room

Plan of 40×60 house plans with garage is suitable for you who like segregation of rooms in the house. The room consists of a living room, a family room that joins the dining room, bathroom, three bedrooms, and a kitchen.

Do not miss the presence of a garage that is beside the house, guaranteed the vehicle will be safe from the danger of weather and thieves.

Type 45

If you plan to make a 40×60 house, you can try to imitate this minimalist type 45 house plan as a reference. With this floor plan, homeowners can see not too much room segregation so that the house will feel freer. This garage-equipped model is a type of indoor garage that has a top and has a closing date. Although the only fit for one car, the type of indoor garage is certainly much safer than the carport type garage. There are also family recreation facilities in the form of two parks and one hall in the front yard.

For Large Families

This house plan is appropriate for a family with more than four members. This 40X60 house plans with garage design have a lot of function rooms that can be easily arranged according to your needs. This one-story minimalist house plan can still be equipped with some additional space such as a workspace or a warehouse.

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